Apartment 3

Dimensions (total): 40,5 m2


This apartment is provided with:

Number of beds: 3+1



Living room

Terracy/Balkony m2: 1 / 10


Air conditioning

TV with satellite antenna

Internet connection (full flat)


Additional information:
Sea view YES
Cliamcy YES
Heating YES
Sattelit TV YES
Internet YES
Notebook YES*
Grill YES*
DVD player YES*
Internet TV YES*
Phone YES*
IP phone YES*
PBX phone YES*
Pets NO*
Add beds YES*
Welcome paket YES
Washin machine NO
Privacy YES

Laudry included in price


* on request

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Detailed Description:

Only one owner.
Terraces are covered and protected from three sides. Keeping room has all the infrastructure as the apartment.

It's located 38m from the sea. The view from the northern terrace is 150 degrees open.

There's nothing in front of the house that obstructs the sea view. In the back of the house there's a dense mediterranean forest of laurel and cypress.

Nearby beaches are 50m on the left and 80m on the right.

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